About Us



Southern Bred Outfitters was founded to create clothing and apparel unique to the Southern Lifestyle. There is a common culture recognized and cherished by those who understand the many facets of the South; from the Gulf of Mexico to the Smoky Mountains, and the Mississippi Delta to the Florida Keys, the Southern facets can be embodied through one brand. Our mission is to produce clothing and apparel for occasions that Southerners love to frequent.

The Cabbage Palm Tree is said to have a strong resistance to salty ocean winds and cold temperatures.  As it may be, that also sounds like the southern population that inhabits the same terrain as the beautiful Cabbage Palm.  Ocean winds to cold temperatures, the tree and people of the South can handle it all.  We are proud of our logo and all it represents.


We will strive to make you feel at home in our signature cabbage palm clothes at all southern occasions.  Whether it be a hunting lease in Mississippi, or a resort banquet in the Florida Keys, you will always feel comfortable wearing "Southern Bred".